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Sunday, 6 July 2014

Shopping Mall

Been MIA for such a long time! So where have I been and what have I been doing? Well after the floods in the winter when I had to remove EVERYTHING on the ground level it's tacken quite a while to sort it out and put it back.
The idea was to just put it back as it was but everyone knows that's just NOT how it works LOL
So there has been some 'tweaking' NO tweaking NOT twerking He-He (well there might have been a little twerking ....have you seen the small space I have between my shelves?)
So this is the re-vamped Shopping Mall, actually this is on the first floor not ground level I fiddled with this too. It's good to be able to see all the details before the dolls are added. Where are the dolls? OK, so once a year I have a DOLL CENSUS when I redress/count/ check names (every doll has their own name and photo file) and take new photo's. It takes about two/three weeks.

Sunday, 11 May 2014

Started with the Re-Refurbishments

Started with the Re-Refurbishments

The ground floor of my doll room had to be packed away when I thought it might flood, lucky was I as it did not. BUT, I had made an awful mess and now I have started to redo the whole ground floor.
Below are pictures of the shopping Mall. 
First up is the Supermarket.

 Looking out into the walkway ... across from the supermarket you can just glimpse the Bank/Post Office.

 Plenty of food on the shelves


Next up the Bank/Post Office

Above is a large Fashions store owned by Danni Edwards

 As you can see it's a busy store every one is looking for the latest 'must haves'

Sunday, 23 March 2014

More on Kitchens

Same kitchen as last week but with the cupboards turned around to show the white side and a different style of decoration.

 Isn't he handsome? His name is Finn and he is an OOAK re-paint by Dawn One Sixth Sense  LINK

 And now onto tiles
 These are some of mine

 Look for sample tiles on ebay

 Or the discontinued shelf in DIY stores

None of these were purchased with a specific room in mind .... just might come in handy one day?
Just an idea but if you keep a lot of your unused goodies boxed away take photo's and keep them in a file for reference
 You can by sheets of the small mirror tile in hobby stores and these are sticky back are very easy to cut and use on a tone of things
 A few ideas

This bar I made for Darius's Bar and night club

Gloria bar before I 'messed with it'.... by the way if anyone has one of these spare I'm interested!

Wallpaper tiles for floors or walls

 Sticky back plastic squares

 Patio tiles