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Monday, 10 August 2015

Just a quick one

Not a lot for this week and not really diorama related. I have been undressing all my dolls and having a major sort out. I have also removed all the jewellery and needed a way of storing the earrings. So I came up with this....

I found a FR box that was about the right size and cut a piece of sponge foam (about an inch thick) to fit the box. 

Then I just added the earrings

Now the earrings are all in one place and easy to see.
Next I need to work on a way of storing the necklaces and bracelets at the moment they are in take-away boxes!

Wednesday, 8 July 2015

Neal and Sarah's Kitchen

Neal and Sarah are the dolls that started it all for me in the writing of The Priors. Both are OOAK (Neal is by Veronica Hage and Sarah came from the wonderful Dawn One Sixth Sense) and were purchased just before I needed to save up for a house move. My dad said I could never stop buying but I did! I called it Dolly Cold Turkey and this none buying made me look at my collection in another way, I started to play with my dolls.... build them homes and write about them. I also posted EVERY SINGLE DAY on Doll Divas Doll Board. Now you want to know how long? Honest answer I can't remember!But it was a VERY long time I think about six months? Now anyone who knows me knows six DAYS is hard for me. My reward apart from the money to move was Giselle Diefendorf Costume Drama. But my unexpected reward was my love of writing, story telling and the making of dioramas. 
When I moved I had no place for my dolls so had to get a room/garage built... (more money and saving required) Check out the beginning of my diorama blog for more on that. 

After some years I have STILL to get back to my story but soon I hope?

Back to Neal and Sarah's new kitchen.
 This was kitchen one back in 2011
Kitchen two still in 2011
Kitchen three still in 2011

After that I was busy with other rooms, this is from 2013.
And now...
 From this
 to this
 Worktop added. The sink and cooker top come away pretty easy. I also covered a couple of strips of foam core to make shelves.

I also upgraded the flooring as I feel this works better.

 I covered some board to make shelves
 I still need to add the door and coving
 Plus, the fridge freezer. I'm not sure whether to leave it white or spray it chrome? I did think about covering it in chrome sticky back plastic but the handles are not easy to remove? I will give it some more thought... maybe leave it white for now?
 Neal and Sarah have two young children so they have two high chairs.
 The table and chairs are from Amber in Mn Bashette'
And this is their housekeeper Faiza.

Wednesday, 20 May 2015

More Wardrobe ideas

Some more wardrobe ideas....

 I covered the shoe storage with plexiglass held on with magnets.

As you can see there are so many things you can do with this basic idea. Big boxes, small boxes. With rails and/or shelving.

Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Sindy Kitchen

In the Europe we had Sindy by Palitoy later by Hasbro and more recently Vivid Imaginations. Like Barbie they had good and bad times. I was never much of a Sindy fan (her head was to big... and her boobs to small) But her furniture was another matter. As a collector now of Fashion Royalty dolls the scale is almost perfect, while Barbie's is on the most part a lot smaller. 
These are vintage Sindy pieces.
Four options
  1. Leave as is 
  2. Hand paint
  3. Spray paint
  4. Sticky back vinyl
I painted the handles chrome mostly I spray paint stuff but with all the little bits I decided on option 4.
I have sooo many rolls of vinyl just awaiting that day when....

I have a few of these oven units and was surprised that on all of them the handles are odd? Some face up and some down, I looked at some on e.bay and they were the same? When I get around to it I will have to loosen the odd ones and re-stick them.

I thought gold would look good. When I cut out the shapes I only added about a cm for overlap. I now know this was not enough as in some places it sprang off. I used selotape to keep it in place but next time I will cut the pieces bigger.

 The dents you can see in the photo's don't really show 'in life'.

I'm going to have a fiddle with the inside and will show you more details next week.

Sorry this is a short post but the sun is shinning and my girls are home. I need to visit the doll room to do the rest (counter tops splash backs etc) My cats Perri and 'no' Jordan are nightmares and get in every time I open the door. It's to nice to shut the door ..... Yeah, I know excuses, excuses so more next week!

Monday, 30 March 2015

Simple Wardrobes and storage Part Two

While working on sorting out all my doll clothes (almost finished) I felt that hanging suits like this was just not working for me

So I decided on some experimentation.
I found a female body form (Mattel) and traced around it on 3mm foam-core board. You could use cardboard. I used a craft knife to cut the shape.
It only needs to be a vague shape nothing fancy and you can trim if needed.
Next I glued hangers to the top. I'm sure you could make hooks easy enough or use picture/ curtain hooks. 
But these hangers work fine and are very inexpensive. I found mine on E Bay

Works well for trouser suits, skirt suits, and strapless tops/dresses.

 (not sure why the colours do not match in the photo but they do in real life?)
I wanted to show all my different wardrobe ideas but I need to photograph them outdoors (more space. But as always the weather will not co-operate with storms every day this last week. *sigh*

And as a note to myself ALWAYS KEEP SUIT PIECES TOGETHER) No I didn't I had all the skirts in one baggy tops in another jackets in another etc. Now I'm spending ages trying to match things up. I think my dressed dolls must have run off with a lot of pieces so I will have to wait for the annual doll census (when all doll get redressed, photographed and name checked. Yes, all 600+ dolls have names and their own photo file.) But that's a whole other story.

Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Little Things That Mean So Much

The finishing touches for every diorama. Now I've been collecting bits and bobs for years and you can find things EVERYWHERE. Always think dolls when looking through magazines and catalogues. Even the leaflets that are posted through the letter box. 

 For small cutting I use scissors but on larger items my trusty knife.
 A metal ruler is best for this.
 I will post at the end some links for finding some of these paper cut-outs

This sponge stuff makes a great backing for pictures etc and comes in a variety of colours.

  This will help make your pictures more 'life like'

Almost all of the items below I got from Paper Minis

Printable Mini (free)

Paper miniatures for 12 inch fashion dolls this is a Facebook group (free)

Paper Minis

 I've posted a few links above but please if you have a link to any other groups/boards/sites post link.

Amy received a set of Paddington books at Christmas and they came with this leaflet.

 I cut them up leaving as much as I could of the background on the left hand side so I could fold and they would look like real books. 

The W.W.W. is full of pictures that can be used in your dioramas. Be careful though that these are not copyrighted. I'm no expert on the law I know some you can't copy and other stuff can be copied for your own use. I google printable pictures of ---- (whatever you are looking for)